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Service Management – CRM Field Guide Chapter 8

It is week 8 in the review of the CRM Field Guide chapters from the book – The CRM Field Guide – How to CRM Like an MVP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This week it is the 44 page Service Management chapter.

Service Management is the red-headed stepchild of the Dynamics CRM Suite. Which is really suprising because most companies provide some type of service and support mechanism. And while not every firm needs the powerful framework of the Service Management module with its resource and scheduling functionality there is a lot to offer if you only need a portion of that functionality.

Cases are the core component and building block of a service system. After describing and illustrating the use of cases the chapter then covers the contracts component. From there it tackles the scheduling engine that is built-into CRM and all the nuances of this tool.

CRM 2011 Resource Scheduling
CRM 2011 Resource Scheduling

The chapter also includes tips on handling allotments of time or incidents allocated to a service contract.

CRM 2011 Service Contracts Insufficient Allotments
CRM 2011 Service Contracts Insufficient Allotments
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