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Set Personal Options – The Fraternal Twins

Did you know that there are two similar but different Set Personal Options inside of CRM? There is one that is called from the browser via the gear icon in the right side of the main navigation bar. The one accessible from the Outlook client is arrived at by going to File in Outlook, selecting CRM in the left side navigation and then the Options icon.

The tabs aren’t the same and even within some of the tabs the options are different.

Set Personal Options - Web Browser
Set Personal Options – Web Browser
Set Personal Options - Outlook Client
Set Personal Options – Outlook Client
The Outlook options include tabs for Activities, Address Book and Local Data which aren’t on the Browser Options.
The General tab on Outlook includes the ability to Select which forms to use for new activities. The synchronization tab includes Update Company fields with parent account names. Alternatively, the Browser Activities tab allows the setting of the Default View and the work hours. That covers the differences between the tabs that are common to both.
 The tabs that are on the Outlook Options that aren’t in the browser version include these functions:

  • Email
    • Select whether other users can send email for you
    • Tracking Options
    • Configure Folder Tracking
    • Automatically create records in CRM
    • View your Mailbox
  • Address Book
    • Select how mail recipients are reconciled with CRM records
  • Local Data
    • Select how often to update local data
    • Select how duplicate records should be handled during synchronization
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