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SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM – Product Review

SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM created by fellow MVP Mitch Milam of CRM Accelerators is proving to be a must have not a nice to have utility. Okay, so it isn’t one of those ‘free’  utilities on the codeplex site, but at $249 per CRM Organization it  is dirt cheap! It is a great time saver.

In the last few weeks I have personally used it to:

  1. Extract the complete configuration of a ‘messed up’ environment so we could document what we need to bring forward as we manually re-create the correct configuration in a brand new environment. When done we will use SnapShot! to document the new environment for the client.
  2. Document the current security roles in use at a client so we could triage several roles so that users wouldn’t be as able to do as much damage as they had been originally allowed to do. I used the Security Roles visualization (shown below) and marked it up and sent it to the client’s Team for review and implementation.

Besides providing a visual display of security roles in a Word document format which allows for easy markup  and editing SnapShot! also produces a detailed disclosure of the metadata in an Excel file with tabs for : Entities, Business Unites, Security Roles, Users, User and Team Security Roles, Teams, and Team Membership.

Last week I made a suggestion to Mitch to add some additional entity details to the documentation tool and 3 days later version 1.8 was released which included that info. Now that is responsiveness!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Security Role Settings
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Security Role Settings


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