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Solution Import/Export – One Click Help

For everyone (including me) that has struggled with importing or deleting solutions for the Dynamics 365 platform, help is now one click away. Just released for V9.x online, if you are now importing or deleting a solution and encounter an error, you should now see a help option. If there is a known solution to that specific error, the help option will direct you to a relevant article that is most likely to guide you in solving that issue.

For example, in this case I am attempting to delete a managed solution that has had site map edits made to it after it was imported:

Dynamics 365 Deleting Managed Solution Error

When I click on the help me resolve this issue link, I get sent to this page with lots of good advice.

Note: this has just been recently introduced so you might find the help a little light at this point. But don’t fear with feedback from the community it will grow.

Dynamics 365 Managed Solutions Dependency Fix

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