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Solution Management and Troubleshooting CRM Field Guide Chapter 22

It is week 22 in the review of the CRM Field Guide chapters from the book – The CRM Field Guide – How to CRM Like an MVP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This week it is the 36 page Solution Management and Troubleshooting chapter.

This chapter is going to give you one big headache. It will also solve quite a few headaches for you at the same time. This is not a chapter to read and digest as easy reading just before you retire for the evening. Right off you will start the see that the solution management process – managed and un-managed – isn’t quite a simplistic as we envisioned earlier. I alluded to this in the review of Chapter 21 – Introduction to Solutions. This chapter is a good read for End User CRM Admins that desire to get a better insight into the strategies for administering the installation, customization, and removal of ISV IP (Independent Software Vendors Intellectual Property). For developers and product managers at ISVs this is mission critical knowledge that needs to be embedded into their minds.

The author walks us through the subjects of: Publishers, Solutions, Solutions Layers, Dependency Tracking, Solution Export Behavior, Solution Import Behavior, Downgrading and more.
CRM 2011 Managed Solutions Versioning
CRM 2011 Managed Solutions Versioning
And although you may have learned about setting Managed Properties from other resources, there are some new ideas and techniques presented by the author.
CRM 2011 Unmanaged Solutions
CRM 2011 Un-managed Solutions Layering
For the ISVs there is an extensive discussion of Layer Strategies, managing development environments, and maintaining solution integrity.
 CRM 2011 Managed Solutions Dev Environments

CRM 2011 Managed Solutions Dev Environments
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