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Stand Alone Activity Feed Wall Window

Do you need to just ‘listen’ to what is going on in the CRM system but don’t need to actually see all the details? Well then the What’s New window is just for you.

With one click you can create a standalone window that will display all the activity feed action without taking up a lot of space on your desktop. You can even close the primary CRM browser Window to give you one less IE tab to manage.

First go to the What’s new form –

Then click on the expansion icon to the right of the what’s new page heading .

This will open up the What’s new Window in a new chrome-less browser window.

If you want you can now close the original tab for CRM. With the What’s new Window you can monitor posts and even interact with them.

Since this is a chrome-less window you can’t re-size it but you can move it around your desktop. If you have dual monitors just drag it over to the second monitor to keep in your peripheral vision.

Here is a nice trick if you just want to go to the What’s new only window and also be able to re-size it. Create a bookmark directly to the URL.

Use the format below – just substitute your unique company name in the string. If this doesn’t work for you then capture your URL from the process you used first to open it in its own window.

When you use this approach the re-size feature will be available.


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