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User Group Summit – 2019

I have a full repertoire of sessions I am presenting at the upcoming CRMUG and PowerPlatform North America 2019 UG Summit

Check them out:

  • NAAF02 – 20 Best Practice Flow Design Tips : In this fast paced session, I will present 20 best practice design tips that Microsoft Flow users should consider when building out their Flows. This session is particularly relevant for citizen developers that aren’t accustomed to coding principles and patterns that are typically essential for software applications. Attendees will be able to build better Flows that run without issue, fail gracefully and consume fewer platform resources.
  • ADM03 – Managed vs. Unmanaged Solutions: Panel session with Gus Gonzalez – Should you be working with Managed or Unmanaged solutions? This discussion has been raging on since CRM 2011 and it’s time we reach a conclusion.
  • CS05 – Using Microsoft Flow to build out Service Case Management: I will demonstrate how you can use Microsoft Flow to build out an end to end Customer Support System. We will cover: SMS notification,Conditional close out approvals, Internal notifications, Trello project kickoff, Teams Channel, Email to case, Email to existing case related record, ind customer lookup, Trial or existing customer, Automated phone call to the customer and escalations
  • ADM24 – Microsoft Flow Integration for CRM Administrators: Co-presenting with Chris Cognetta – Come to this session to learn best practices and hear about lessons learned for using and managing Microsoft Flow to transfer data in and out of CDS. We will explain and demonstrate some best practice approaches for maintaining your sanity as a CRM Administrator when using Flow as your integration tool. Learn about our experiences using Flow – what worked, what didn’t and why.User Group Sessions
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