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Voice of the Customer Architecture and CRM Org URL

While working on a project for a client this week we uncovered an issue with the VOC architecture.

If you have configured VOC and then subsequently change the org’s URL the connection to the Azure VOC service will break.

Survey responses will still come back into Azure, however, because of the URL change, they will be stuck in limbo in Azure. You won’t see any survey response in CRM.

Azure won’t know where to send them because it is linked to the previous URL, not the current one.

I believe a fix is in the works for this on the back end, but in the meantime, I think the alternatives are:

  1. Don’t install and configure VOC until you have finalized your org name.
  2. If you make the URL change you will need to file a support case to get them to make the change manually in the back end.
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