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Voice of the Customer – Distribute Non-Anonymous Surveys

Consider this scenario. You want to send out your annual survey to your top clients using a third-party mailing software. How do you get the links distributed to the Contacts and then get them into your mailing system?

The answer is to create an On-Demand Workflow that you run against the selected Contacts to generate Survey Activity Records for the clients which will give them their own unique survey links. Then export that list to Excel and use it with your external email system.

Note: Click on any image to open it up in full screen view which you may find to present a clearer image.

Let me walk you through the process.

  1. Create the On-Demand Workflow that will run against the Contact record.

VOC Workflow

2. Now Set the Properties – Note that the workflow will be unique to a specific Survey so that is hard coded into the Properties. The other minimum required fields are pulled from the information in the Contact record that the workflow is being run against.

VOC Workflow

3. Now run the workflow against a grid view of the Contacts that you want to send the Survey.

Workflow against Contacts

4. After running the Workflow, go to the Advanced Find View and create a view for Survey Activities for your specific Survey. Add the To, Survey, Email (Contact) and  Invitation Link fields to the Columns. Run the query and you will get the results that you can export to Excel and use in your third party mailing system. Each recipient will get their own unique link to the survey.

VOC Unique Non-Anonymous Survey Links

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  1. I was about to try this approach.
    We use Dynamics + ClickDimensions at the office, and there’s simply no way of connecting both together – the best of two worlds (VoC and ClickDimensions emails).

    But having to handle all survey invites links manually still doesn’t solve the problem :S

    Great job btw.


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