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Warnings about Javascript Errors

UPDATE: There is a fix for this. Once your system has applied it will be resolved.

Have you been seeing popups wherever you navigate inside of CRM in the last few weeks (as of November 9, 2017)?

If so you are not alone.

There is an internal bug that is generating error messages as follows, it is not your customization code.

Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘Window’: 2 arguments required, but only 1 present

<Message>Argument not optional</Message> <Line>8</Line><URL>/_static/_common/scripts/cdnavailabilityworker.js?ver=-896173260</URL>

There is fix coming out for this issue in the next few weeks. It will be in release  for North America.

Keep on the watch for it.

In the interim, you may want to change the privacy settings to automatically send an error report to Microsoft without asking the user for permission.

Go to Settings, Administration, Privacy Settings, check the appropriate box.

Dynamics 365 Privacy Preferences

Dynamics 365 Privacy Preferences

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  1. Hi

    Do you know or have any reference that Microsoft is aware of this script error and will provide the fix in next release ? I am unable to find any article on that and we are facing the same issue.


    1. There is a fix. You need to have release or higher which should have been rolled out to most orgs in the North America Data Centers this week. If your org hasn’t been updated call support.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    Hope all is well. Just got off the phone with Microsoft about this issue. They resolved it by doing the following (these steps came from the Microsoft engineer who worked on our case):

    1. Close Outlook and Update the add-in with the following two links and please download and install 32 bit version of the CRM for outlook client(*86) which is based on outlook bit version:

    a. ;

    2. Clear cache files in Internet Explorer and other settings: Clear Your IE cache, Go Internet Options>General tab, click Delete, tick in Temporary Files, Cookies and untick others (untick Preserve Favorites website data), click delete.

    3. Reset IE settings, Go Internet Options>Advanced tab, click Restore advanced settings, then click Reset button and reset every detail (you can untick personal data to preserve your personal data)

    4. Clear cache files in system: Click on Start and type in Disk-Cleanup, check all the options and click on ok;

    5. Click on start>run>temp>delete all files; click on start>run>%temp%>delete all files; click on start>run>prefetch>delete all files

    6. Restart CPU-> open configuration wizard-> Select the Org and click on delete.

    7. Open Outlook and reconfigure the CRM client when it will provide the pop up.

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