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Windows 10 Resources, Training, Getting Started

Even though we just focus on Dynamics CRM here at CRM Innovation, Windows 10 is going to permeate everything in the computer space and will ultimately have an impact on the CRM space. For us it has hit already as we are now migrating  some of our ISV solutions from Silverlight to HTML 5 so they work in the new wonderful Edge browser.  If you need to get up to speed on Windows 10 as a designer, developer, or administrator Microsoft has some great resources available. Take a look at the learning opportunities below.
Learning Resource  Remarks
 Visual Studio Download
Everything a developer needs to know to write apps
Online training for Windows 10. Grab a beer and some popcorn, put it on the big screen and enjoy.
More great online resources for Windows 10 videos presented in the fun easy going format of Channel 9.
Microsoft’s Windows community to talk about various Windows features, create videos on tips and tricks, and answer user questions
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