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Windows Update and CRM Update Rollups – almost automatic

CRM 2011 Updates now come as part of the Windows Update process. However, this still doesn’t make them totally ‘automatic’. Last night on our own development environment we duplicated an ‘error’ we have made before. There was a group of updates that needed to be applied to the CRM 2011 master Hyper-V Image along with Update Rollup 8. We selected them all, set them to install and left for the night.

Remember that old saying – ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’. Well we came in this morning and we looked at the machine and it was asking for us to click on the Next button before it would proceed. Once we clicked on Next the UR 8 installed and then it went through the process for the balance of the Windows Update.

Now it asks for permision after all the patches have been downloaded. None of the patches will be installed until you grant it permission  for the Update Rollup.


The lesson to be learned: Install Update Rollups separately from the regular security patches.

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