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Workflow Heroes

Andrew Butenko, Aiden Kaskela, Jason Lattimer, Demian Raschkovan are the Heroes of Dynamics 365 Custom Workflow Extensions.

They each have probably donated hundreds of hours of their own time to the community to freely share their custom code.

Coincidentally, they have each carved out their unique area of extension functionality to complement and supplement the missing elements of the CRM Workflow Processes. These workflow enhancements are easy to implement. They are available as managed solutions to import into your CRM Online or Onpremise system.

Andrew Butenko
Andrew Butenko
Aiden Kaskela
Aiden Kaskela
Jason Lattimer
Jason Lattimer
Demian Raschovan
Demian Raschovan
Ultimate Workflow Toolkit

  • Annotation – Delete, Rename, Convert
  • Bulk Operations – Cascade Status, Distribute Action, Distribute Workflow, Update Records
  • System – Duplicates Detection Check, Geocode Address, Recalculate All or Individual Rollup field, Refresh Currency Rates
  • DateTime – Add Business Days, Format DateTime, Split into Day, Month, Year
  • Case – Close Case,  Get Resolution Record
  • Core Operations – Delete, Get Record Id and Logical Name, Qualify Lead
  • Invoice – Add Invoice Detail,  Get Products From Opportunity, Lock, Unlock
  • N-N Operations: Add Member to marketing List, Associate Entities, Disassociate Entities, Is N-N Relationship Exists, Remove Member From Marketing List, Remove Member from all marketing lists
  • Opportunity – Add Opportunity Products, Close as Lost, Close as Won, Generate Invoice, Generate Order, Generate Quote, Get Opportunity Close Record
  • Quote – Add Quote Detail/Close/Convert to order, Get Products from opportunity, et Quote Close, Revise/Win
  • Order – Add Order Detail, Close Order, Convert to Invoice, Fulfill, Get products from Opportunity, Get ORder Close, Lock, Unlock
  • Security – Add User to Record Team, Add User to Team, Is user has role,  user member of team, Is user’s Teams have role, Remove user from Record Team, Remove user from Team, Share Record with Team, Share Record with User,  Share Secured Fields with Team/Share Secured Fields with User, Unshare Record with Team, Unshare Record with User
  • Email – Add attachments to record from email, Add notes from record to Email and Send, Create Email from Template, Send Email to Plain Text Address,  Send Email to Team Members, Send Prepared Email
Workflow Elements

  • Assign – Get Owner by Query
  • Audit – Get Last Update
  • Audit – Get Recent Updates
  • Date – Add or Subtract
  • Date – Build Date From Parts
  • Date – Convert to Custom Text
  • Date – Get Date Components
  • Documents – Rename File
  • Emails – Add Recipients from Query
  • Emails – Attach Document
  • Emails – Attach Multiple Documents
  • Emails – Send a Draft Email
  • Math – Analyze Data Set
  • Math – Determine Ratio
  • Query – Get Results
  • Query – Run Workflow on Results
  • Relationship – Associate From Query
  • Relationship – Disassociate All
  • Sales – Add Line Item
  • Sales – Convert Order to Invoice
  • Sales – Convert Quote (Won) to Order
  • Sales – Remove Line
  • ItemsWorkflow – Get Metadata
  Numeric Workflow Utilities

  • Add
  • Average
  • Divide
  • Max
  • Min
  • Multiply
  • Random Number
  • Random Number Between
  • Round
  • Subtract
  • ToDecimal
  • ToInteger
  • Truncate
  • Absolute Value
  • IsStringNumeric

String Workflow Utilities

  • B64 Decode
  • B64 Encode
  • Contains
  • Create Empty Spaces
  • Decode Html
  • Encode Html
  • EndsWith
  • Join
  • Length
  • PadLeft
  • PadLeft Dynamic
  • PadRight
  • PadRight Dynamic
  • Random String
  • Regex Extract
  • Regex Match
  • Regex Replace
  • Regex Replace With Space
  • Replace
  • Replace With Space
  • Reverse
  • StartsWith
  • Substring
  • ToLower
  • ToTitleCase
  • ToUpper
  • Trim
  • Word Count
  • Remove HTML
  • Url Encode
  • Url Decode

Date Time Workflow Utilities

  • Add Business Days
  • Add Days
  • Add Hours
  • Add Minutes
  • Add Months
  • Add Years
  • DateDiff
  • Date Difference Seconds
  • Date Difference Hours
  • Date Difference Minutes
  • Date Difference Days
  • Date Difference Months
  • Date Difference Years
  • Get Second Number
  • Get Minute Number
  • Get Hour Number
  • Get Day Number
  • Get Month Number
  • Get Year Number
  • Get Month Name
  • Get Day Number Of Week
  • Get Day Number Of Year
  • Get Day Of Week
  • Get Quarter Number Of Year
  • Get Week Number Of Year
  • Get Month Start/End Dates
  • Get Quarter Start/End Dates
  • Get Week Start/End Dates
  • Get Year Start/End Dates
  • Is Between
  • Is Business Day
  • Is Same Day
  • Relative Time String
  • ToDateTime
  • To UTC String
  • Set Time
  • Get Formatted Date String
  • Set DatePart

Note Workflow Utilities

  • Check Attachment
  • Copy Note
  • Move Note
  • Delete Attachment
  • Delete Attachment By Name
  • Delete Note
  • Update Note Text
  • Update

Email Workflow Utilities

  • Email Business Unit
  • CC Business Unit
  • Email Security Role
  • CC Security Role
  • Email Team
  • CC Team
  • Email Queue Members
  • CC Queue Members
  • Email Connection
  • CC Connection
  • Delete Email Attachments
  • Delete Email Attachments By Name
  • Send Draft Email
  • Check Email Attachments Present & Count
  • Create Template
Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools

Force Calculate Rollup Field
Apply Routing Rules
Query Values
Share Record With Team
Share Record With User
Unshare Record With Team
Unshare Record With User
Check If User is in Role
Check If User is in Team
Add To Marketing List
Remove From Marketing List
Clone Children
Clone Record
Set Process
Rollup Functions
Entity Attachment To Email
Pick From Queue
Queue Item Count
Add Role To User
Add Role To Team
Remove Role From User
Remove Role From Team
Set User Settings
String Functions
Delete Record
Entity Json Serializer
Qualify Lead
Add Marketing List To Campaign
Copy Marketing List Members
Copy To Static List
Remove From All Marketing Lists
Numeric Functions
Email To Team
Set Process Stage –
Entity Mobile Deep Link
Send Email
Geocode Address
Add User To Team
Remove User From Team
Associate Entity
Goal Recalculate
Get Initiating User
Encrypt Text
Check Associate Entity
Set State
Update Child Records
Disassociate Entity
Insert Option Value
Delete Option Value
Sales Literature To Email
Send Email From Template To Users In Role
Send Email To Users In Role
Calculate Price
Execute Workflow By ID
JSON Parser
Date Functions
Calculate Agregate Date
OrgDBSetting Update
OrgDBSetting Retrieve
Translate Text
Currency Convert
Get Record ID
Retrieve User’s BU Default Team

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  1. Hi Jason
    Thank you for the great help.
    I am currently on Dynamics 2016 on-premise and using your CRM-String-Workflow-Utilities to remove the HTML for the description field. Everything seems to work fine, but it seems that the signature of the email gives me the below. Any suggestions please

    Warren Petersen [Business Analyst ] Spur Group (Pty) Ltd E:    •    T:  +27 21-555-5100   •    Ext:  +27 21 5555141    14 Edison Way, Century Gate Business Park, Century City, Cape Town, South Africa

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