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Plan. Promote. Track.

Event2CRM is for any event that requires registration or ticketing.

Plan. Promote. Track.

Event2CRM is for any event that requires registration or ticketing.

Event2CRM™ is an easy-to-use application that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM 2016, or 2015 with the power of Eventbrite, the leading provider of online event management and ticketing services.

The Event2CRM hosted application enables you to Plan, Promote and Track all the key components of your Eventbrite events entirely within the CRM system.

Using the Event2CRM application is a quick and simple three step process:

1. Plan

Create the Event information and design the Event page inside of the system using their Event Designer. Create the event with venues and ticket information. Publish the event from and then set it up in the Event2CRM portal to sync to CRM. You can even specify a custom subdomain to personalize the event registration page. Your events can be free or fee-based as event fees are securely captured either via Credit Card, Google Checkout or PayPal and automatically credited to your account. Even donations can be accepted. Ticket sales revenue is automatically reported into CRM.

2. Promote

Invite your prospects using Email, Phone or via Letter using the Marketing List functionality built into the CRM system. You can even use third party email solutions to send out customized event invites and track the recipient’s response to the invitation. It is also possible to promote your events to the social media universe via Facebook and Twitter.

3. Track

As individuals either register at the site in response to a personalized email or visit the site as anonymous visitors from your website that information is tracked back into CRM automatically. Registrations are associated with their record in CRM and the Event record. New prospects are created as Leads or Contacts in the CRM system with automatic notification provided to the Event Owner. Both sales and marketing CRM users can see who is registered, who hasn’t responded and the event performance metrics such as revenue, tickets remaining.

The event information can be updated with actual attendees so you can easily view cancellations, no shows and attendees. Pre- and Post-event mailings or outreach programs can be created using the Marketing list functionality in CRM.


  • Create a professional event registration page inside of the interface using the rich HTML editor.
  • Include Maps and other event supporting information.
  • Stage event registrations with draft and live event pages.
  • Create multiple ticket types per event.
  • Set start and end times sales times by ticket type.
  • Offer ‘Early Bird’ registrations.
  • Event venues can be online or physical.
  • Collect ticket fees using Google Check Out, PayPal, or by Credit Card. Or allow payment by check or cash at the door or invoicing.
  • Use a basic registration form – Name and Email Address or build a more comprehensive registration form with physical address information and work data.
  • Automatically send out ticket order confirmations by email with event tickets.
  • Set up single and multi-person registration per ticket order.
  • Events can be associated with a Venue record in CRM, Organizer, and Host.


  • Invite prospects using Email, Phone, or via Letter using the marketing functionality built into CRM.
  • Schedule public or private events
  • Tap into the Social Media World to promote the event – Facebook, Twitter
  • Place the event registration page on your company website, on a generic URL at or a personalized sub-domain URL at
  • Put a calendar widget on your website to display upcoming events.
  • Sell tickets and collect registrations directly from your company website.


  • Set event attendance capacity
  • Track sales by ticket type real-time
  • Get notified when ticket sales have hit a specific threshold
  • Get notified when the event has sold out
  • Track registrations at the Contact and Lead level.
  • Track revenue by Event and by ticket type.
  • Check in attendees using bar code or via a web page form.
  • Use’s mobile apps to check attendees into the event.
  • Identify no-shows and attendees for post event marketing.
  • Sales people can view event registration history at the Lead and Contact record level
  • Event signups are tracked back to Lead and Contact records
  • New registrations are created as Lead or Contact records in CRM with notification to the Event Manager if they can’t be matched to an existing CRM record.

1. Is Event2CRM based on the Event Accelerator?
Not in any way. We didn’t use any of the code nor the product design.

2. Why didn’t you use the Event Accelerator?
Because we have created a turnkey event management solution that requires no .net coding to implement.

3. How can you do it without any code?
We have partnered with Eventbrite the leading provider of online event registration and management solutions.

4. How long does it take to create an Event?
It takes about 10 minutes to create a basic event registration page with ticketing options.

5. Where does the Event registration page live?
You have several choices – use a generic URL path at Eventbrite (i.e., specify a unique subdomain (i.e. or use the carry code we provide and insert the registration page into a new page your company website (i.e.

6. Do you provide any registration widgets?
Yes. We have a calendar widget, text links and images links you can use on your website to direct individuals to the registration page.

7. What payment methods do you offer?
You can use Google Checkout, PayPal or credit cards for paid events. Eventbrite does all the front end processing and then deposits the ticket revenue in your account. You don’t need a merchant account to use the credit card option.

8. How much does it cost to have an event?
Free events are Free. There is no limit to the number of free events or attendees that you can have during the annual subscription period subject to our fair use policy. Paid events have two fees associated with them – the fee the processing company charges and a small fee (about 2.5%) that Eventbrite charges for ticket processing. See this page for the current fee structure. CRM Innovation has no charge for events – all you want as part of the annual subscription.

9. Can I see how registrations are going for my event?
All the analytics for the events are displayed in the CRM system. You can view and run reports for who has been invited, who has registered, who attended and who didn’t show up.

10. Do I need to install any code on my CRM Server?
No. There is no code to install on the CRM server. We do import some customizations into your CRM system which is done during the screen share when we connect to provision your system.

11. How do I get started?
Go to to setup an account with them if you don’t already have an account. Once that is done contact us and we can get you setup with the integration.

12. How long does it take to get setup?
We can get you provisioned in less than 20 minutes during a screen share session.

There are only three things to know about Event2CRM pricing.

One Time Set-Up Fee
Annual Subscription
$1,495 - Standard Subscription

  • integration between the CRM system and Eventbrite
  • support – phone, email, chat, screen share
  • application maintenance and upgrades included during the subscription period
Annual Subscription
$795 - less than 10 events per year

  • integration between the CRM system and Eventbrite
  • support – phone, email, chat, screen share
  • application maintenance and upgrades included during the subscription period
Event Fees
Free Events: FREE
Unlimited free events/attendees

Paid Events
Eventbrite collects an event/ticketing fee in addition to the charge you would normally pay for the credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout fee.

Note: Fair Use policy – standard subscription includes up to 100 events per year. Upgrades to subscriptions to support a greater number of events per year or event intensity are available.

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